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There are several features of the T-Tech patent design for GEN1 needle cartridges:
  • Cartridge cases sized to perfectly fit its intended needle configurations for stabilization
  • Thin profile cartridge tips for precision tattooing
  • Rectangular path in the inner shell for needle steadiness
  • Elastic band to add simultaneous axial and radial force for needle stabilization
  • Twist lock mechanism compatible with most conventional tattoo machines and grips


Needle Cartridge Stabilization

T-Tech tattoo needle cartridges are designed to stabilize the needle while in use. Our element of innovation is the use of a silicone band inside the cartridge. Due to the high speed of tattoo machines, the positioning of a medical grade silicone band keeps the needle closer to the base of the cartridge tip nozzle, thus stabilizing its position. This design also grants a better ink flow and higher precision of skin penetration.

Needle consistency

Consistency of needle configurations is an important aspect inspected by the quality control team. During the examination process every single needle is checked with several magnification tools to ensure appropriate tightness, straightness of the needle tips, as well as the length of the tapers.


Easy set-up mechanism

The twist lock mechanism (a bayonet mount) on T-Tech needle cartridges allows our product a simple, time-saving set-up. The mechanism fits most conventional grips and machine set-ups. To install the cartridge, you need to insert it into a grip and twist clockwise. This function allows the artists an opportunity of swiftly and safely switching between configurations during a tattoo session.

"Take your Tattoo expertise to the next level"