Wooden Sunglasses

Wooden Sunglasses

Wooden Sunglasss
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Handcrafted wooden sunglasses have become immensely popular amongst skateboarders, eco-aware trendsetters and those who want different sunglasses than the rest. Our wooden eyewear Toronto collection has frames made from a variety of wood but the most common wood sunglasses frames in Yorkville is bamboo. A few other options in wood frames may include ebony, walnut and rosewood. The choices can vary based on the wearer’s preference in colour and style. Wood frames are a great combination of nature, eco-friendly materials and style.

Lenses in handcrafted wooden are just as good as their more common counterparts and will include the same lens options. Our wood frames Yorkville selection is just as easy to care for as any other that you may own. oil or wax to return the frames to their original shine and if you notice that lightening. are a piece of art, unique and environmentally friendly a great option to consider.

Wooden sunglasses can be just as unique and customizable as plastic or metal. An advantage that many customers enjoy is that most wood frames will float. This is ideal for the pool. Wood sunglasses are a definite conversation starter.

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