Whiteout & Glare Sunglasses

Whiteout & Glare Sunglasses

Whiteout & Glare Sunglasses
130 Cumberlan St. Toronto, ON M5R 1A6
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Whiteout & Glare offers polarized sunglasses, a specialty eyewear designed to reduce glare from surfaces such as water, snow, and glass. Our luxury eyewear Yorkville collection offers these sunglasses, which allows the wearer freedom to enjoy the day, go on road trips or spend days at the beach regardless of glare and reflection.

Whiteout & Glare is a luxury brand of sunglasses made of high quality acetate and titanium. The brand embodies a classic, genuine and authentic design, with smooth, simple and expressive fronts. Every model has its own distinctive appearance ranging from quiet curves to a daring spectrum of shapes.

The Whiteout & Glare sunglasses in our Toronto boutique are made from titanium and are light and resilient and very strong. The sunglasses are offered in a wide variety of colour and our polarized sunglasses are constructed with the highest standard of quality in mind.

Our luxury sunglasses Yorkville selection has the brand, look and style combined with perfected construction and the durability that is in demand for luxury designer eyewear that can be worn every day and in any season. Whiteout & Glare polarized sunglasses are timeless and elegant while being beautiful, stylish and made with sound craftsmanship.

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