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Sama Sunglasses

Sama Sunglasses
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Sama eyewear sunglasses are a fine, exclusive and luxury brand that was founded nearly two decades ago by internationally renowned eyewear designer Sheila Vance. The brand of luxury sunglasses has set the standard for concept, manufacturing and innovation in the luxury sunglasses market and is routinely used to compare. You should not be surprised to hear someone ask, are the sunglasses as good as the Sama brand?

Our Sama sunglasses Yorkville collection is on the cusp of design and manufacturing innovation including 100% pure titanium frames. We only offera Sama branded sunglasses Toronto collection that uses only the finest materials including Japanese zyl acetate, titanium, precious metals, precious and semi-precious gems, Swarovski® crystals, and nickel-free plating. Lens technologies include: optical glass, CR-39 plastic, precious metals, photo chromic, gradient, multi-gradient, polarized, and gradient polarized.

Sama sunglasses are the favourite brand for many celebrities, models, fashion icons and musicians. This is a brand that is known and trusted by personalities that want the best that can be provided and this is a line that is noticeable, recognizable and adored by trendsetters and trend-followers worldwide. Owning Sama eyewear sunglasses is more than just having new frames; it’s wearing a brand with a life-force.

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