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When choosing frames the shape of your face is the key to selecting frames that will accentuate your best features. Round eyeglasses are a popular option for anyone with a face that is not round. If you have a square, diamond or long face, round frames may be right for your new look. Your round or oval eyeglasses should contrast your face, so if you have a more angular face than round prescription eyewear will the ideal choice for helping you to put your best face forward.

Our collection of round eyeglasses provides plenty of variety to assist you with determining your new look and style through frame selection. We have round and oval eyeglasses in a vast range of materials, brands, colours and shapes to suit any need and stylistic preferences, from sensitive skin and allergies to selecting the right size of round frames to flatter your features best.

We can help you to pick out the best round prescription eyewear for your face shape and personal preferences. Our shop has a number of luxury frames to choose from that are made with the latest innovations and technology in the industry and offered by the top designers in the optics industry.

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