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Rock & Sparkle
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Our shop sells unique and fashionable items as part of our Rock & Sparkle accessories Toronto collection. Rock & Sparkle accessories are perfect for any occasion whether it’s to be trendy and look great every day or for special occasions such as special events and Friday night dates. These beautiful handmade bangles are not only made in Canada but for every bangle sold 10% is donated to Water Aid Canada. Not only are you wearing a unique piece of jewelry, but you are helping provide safe water to 26 countries. Our Rock & Sparkle accessories Yorkville collection has the colours, materials, styles and themes to complete your look whether your style is pretty and feminine, unique and edgy, or soft and sophisticated.

Our knowledgeable team is always happy to help our customers find the accessories that they are looking for. We are a fashion-forward service that is familiar with a wide variety of luxury brand accessories and can assist with matching Rock & Sparkle accessories with the style you want to express.

You will love our Rock & Sparkle accessories Toronto collection whether you are buying for yourself or as a high quality gift that will no doubt be cherished for a lifetime. Our luxury brands are made using the finest quality textiles and we only carry the top designs that are fashionable and trendy. We offer the very best to our valued customers in our Rock and Sparkle accessories Yorkville boutique.

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