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Plastic eyeglass frames are one of the most popular options. Our designer plastic eyewear Toronto collection includes frames that are resistant to permanent deformation that can be caused by being dropped, dented, or impacted. This is an important consideration for anyone with an active lifestyle.

Plastic frames can be made in more shapes and sizes than other types of materials since they are easy to mold and shape during the manufacturing process. This is ideal if you are searching for plastic frames in our Yorkville boutique that have a very specific look or colour. Plastic frames are some of the best for very unique, modern and innovative designs that turn heads, stand out and capture the attention in the city crowds.

Most plastic eyeglass frames are also hypoallergenic and eliminate the risk of allergic reactions which is very well suited to wearers that have trouble finding products that do not irritate their sensitive skin. With many prescription eyeglasses, the frames need to be worn often, and it is best for the wearer to select a design that will not cause allergic reactions. We will assist with selecting plastic eyeglass frames that are as stylish as they are comfortable for everyday wear.

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