Officina Superflex (First In Toronto)

Officina Superflex (First In Toronto)

Officina Superflex
130 Cumberlan St. Toronto, ON M5R 1A6
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Officina Superflex prescription eyeglasses are known for their simple style, expert craftsmanship and comfort, and our eyewear Yorkville collection is proud to announce that we are offering them in the city first. We want our customers to have the first selection of this superior, luxury brand of eyewear that everyone is talking about.

Officina Superflex glasses are made in a variety of materials, including titanium, and a vast range of shapes and designs to exude your personality through eyewear. Officina Superflex spectacles are known for superior craftsmanship and durability. They are a fashion-forward brand that will withstand everyday wear, making it possible to own a pair of glasses that are strong enough for your activities and excitement.

The luxury brand provides designs that are subtle and sophisticated and range in frames suitable for anyone from children to adult. This is the ideal brand to outfit an entire family in and every style will connect with a different type of personality from glamorous, stylish and sophisticated to playful, adventurous and curious.

Our Officina Superflex prescription eyeglasses are now available in Toronto and our eyewear Yorkville location has hand-selected the best designs for our customer’s fine sense of style and desire for the best in the business.

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