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Masunaga spectacles are a leading luxury brand in Japan that inspires vintage elements with contemporary design. Masunaga prescription eyeglasses were founded more than 100 years ago in Fukui, Japan. The Japanese handcrafted eyewear has made glasses for everyone from Emperor Hirohito to Robert De Niro. Masunaga prescription eyeglasses have a long history of technical and design ingenuity and are definitely considered one of the greats in eyeglass manufacturing.

Our eyewear Yorkville boutique carries a carefully curated collected of the finest Masunaga spectacles that are heavily focused on fine detail and fastidious workmanship. Japanese handcrafted eyewear is known for a traditional approach to manufacturing but the Masunaga brand experiments with new techniques and technologies and continues to successfully formulate new ways to combine traditional Japanese skills and materials with modern and highly technical methods.

Masunaga spectacles are available in styles that include materials such as titanium overlaid with bamboo, solid acetate rims, fine silver engravings and more to accentuate a timeless, urban style that fulfills the desire to combine vintage elements with a futuristic vision that results in a completely unique product that sets its wearer apart in the crowd while providing a high quality luxury brand that is designed for longevity and daily wear.

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