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Leather eyeglass frames would be ideal for anyone that enjoys high fashion, style and luxury. Leather frames may not be as practical as plastic or metal frames but the leather eyeglasses at our Toronto location will also prove that leather as eyeglass frames are stunning, sophisticated and will definitely make a statement.

By blending age-old leather working techniques with state of the art precision we have leather eyeglass frames like no other. If you have respect for handcrafted leather goods and high quality accessories, see our leather frames Yorkville collection. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations with the attention to detail and the care and craftsmanship that goes into each pair of our glasses.

Our collection comes in a number of luxury brands, and shapes, sizes and colours. Leather eyeglass frames can be very soft, rough and can come in any colour from vibrant reds, classic black to unique pale pastels. Leather eyeglass frames can also be in a number of shapes from round, cat eye and square.

If you are looking for leather eyeglass frames our shop has the selection of designer eyewear that will provide the inspiration you need to select a new look. Choosing leather as an eyeglass frame is the perfect way to express uniqueness and to wear spectacles that captivate attention, start conversations and turn heads.

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