Eye Exam

Eye Exam

Eye Exam
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Need access to the best optometrists in Yorkville for eye exams? We got you covered. Our optometrists perform eye exams and give you the prescription you need to get your eyewear. Whether you need eyeglasses, contact lenses or prescription sunglasses, our optometrists will ensure you get a suitable strength for your eyewear. Our optometrist specialists in Yorkville use a number of tests and procedures to examine your eyes and ensure you get effective optics. From the simple reading tests where you are given an eye chart to the more complex eye tests that involve using a high-powered lens, we give you the right prescription for your eye condition.

The eye exam takes about one hour depending on the complexity of the test.

Our optometrist will fully evaluate the heath of your eyes and then prescribe eyewear that is necessary to enhance your vision. We use a combination of visual acuity tests, cover tests and eye movement testing as well as depth perception testing in order to determine the most suitable prescription strength for the patient. We understand that it’s only via proper testing that the patient can achieve the ideal eyewear to get the best vision.

We have in stock a wide range of prescription eyewear so you can count on us to provide a one-stop shop for all your eyewear needs.

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