Entourage of 7 Sunglasses

Entourage of 7 Sunglasses

Entourage of 7 Sunglasses
130 Cumberlan St. Toronto, ON M5R 1A6
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Entourage of 7 sunglasses is fine eyewear for women that want designs inspired by the scene in Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California. This brand is known for looking stylish, modern and being manufactured with the highest quality in mind. The sunglasses are comprised of handcrafted zyl acetate and titanium frames with lightweight and adjustable nosepads.

Entourage of 7 fine eyewear is available in a number of colours and shapes to display any sense of style that is trendy and adventurous from classic zyl acetate frames to laser cut aluminum alloys and titanium. The designers embody vintage traditions while embracing progress, just like Los Angeles, which is always changing!

Our branded sunglasses Yorkville collection of carefully selected designs offers Entourage of 7 sunglasses that blend a vision that is designed in LA and made in Denmark, combining the LA vibe with Danish coolness. Holly Eyewear offers the best inthe industry with classic European elegance and sophistication that will enhance any look whether women want sunglasses for every day wear or to dress up their attire for a day at the beach. Entourage of 7 sunglasses are the perfect blend of tradition and cutting edge technology while ensuring a steady stream of creative ideas that push the Entourage 7 brand to new limits.

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