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Whether you need prescription contact lenses or contact lenses for cosmetic reasons, such as to change the colour of your eyes, our contact lenses Yorkville location provides the eye examinations that you will need.

Contact lens and eyeglasses prescriptions are not the same because a contact lens needs to match the size and shape of the eye. A prescription for contact lenses contains very different information when compared to other eyewear such as the diameter and base curve of the eye, as well as brand. Our contact lenses Toronto team can take you through the quick and easy process to get a prescription for the contact lenses you want or need.

While eyeglasses rest approximately 12 millimetres from your eyes, contact lenses will sit directly on the eye so the prescription will not need to be as strong as the one you already have for your eyeglasses. This is one of the many reasons it is important and sometimes necessary to get a new prescription for contact lenses. Eyeglasses are shaped to correct astigmatism which is an irregular curve in the cornea or lens but the contact lenses must be designed to fit any present astigmatism. Whether you have a prescription or need one our contact lenses Yorkville team will provide the best customer service to help you obtain your eyewear.

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