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Cat-eye eyeglasses are a very popular look right now as retro eyeglasses are in style and this shape provides a flattering fit for almost anyone. Cat-eye prescription eyewear can work on almost any face shape because they are a mix of round and square and are heavier on the top, which works very well for anyone that has a long and narrow shaped face. The key to selecting the best frames for the face is to provide contrast and cat-eye eyeglasses are ideal on nearly every woman while providing a unique and identifiable look that will no doubt capture the attention and interest of many people.

Our retro eyeglasses are available in a wide selection of shapes, materials, sizes and colours to suit any sense of style and preference. When customers come in for cat-eye prescription eyewear we can assist with the selection process and help with choosing the brand and colour that will work best with the individual.

Retro eyeglasses are in demand and our shop has a number of luxury frames to choose from that are made with the latest innovations and technology in the industry, the highest quality and offered by the top designers in the eyeglasses industry.

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