Aviators Sunglasses

Aviators Sunglasses

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Aviators’ sunglasses, or pilot’s glasses, were originally developed in 1936 for pilots in the army, and this alone creates a demand for these trendy frames that combine history and nostalgia with modern trends and statements. Aviators sunglasses have thin wire frames and larger lenses that have an area two or three times the size of the eyeball, and this creates a unique look that is unlike no other. There is often a double or triple bridge, which is commonly called a bullet holeor flexible cable temples that hook behind the ears.

Aviators sunglasses are best suited for anyone that wants larger eyeglasses to accentuate their best features and a unique design to stand out. Many individuals appreciate this style from trendsetters, globetrotters, lovers of vintage looks and those who love to stand out. This type of frame is not typically recommended for anyone with a very small head or eyes, as the larger frames may make these features appear smaller.

Our shop has a number of brands, sizes, colours and materials to choose from when selecting your next pair of aviators sunglasses and we are here to assist with selecting the best frames and style for your look and style.

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