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Thin acetate glasses and translucent acetate eyeglasses are high in demand in Toronto for a variety of beneficial reasons. Cellulose acetate is a plant-based plastic that is hypoallergenic. This material was first used for frames in the 1940’s due to brittleness and other issues with other types of plastics. Acetate provides more durable plastic frames with all the benefits of plastic including a large variety of shapes, styles and colour combinations.

Our acetate frames Yorkville collection is known for being strong, lightweight, and flexible. Acetate also has the vastest selection of finishes, transparency and rich colours. This is definitely an advantage if you want frames that are unique and noticeable. Complex colourations are entirely possible when the manufacturer layers several colours or transparencies together in layers and sandwiches them together.We carry this style in our translucent acetate eyeglasses Toronto boutique. There are endless possibilities in our acetate frames Yorkville boutique.

Cellulose acetate is a non-petroleum based plastic and it is made from natural cotton and wood fibers and produced from renewable materials, making it environmentally friendly. Our team can assist with selecting the right frames for your style and preference whether you are looking for designer thin acetate glasses or luxury translucent acetate eyeglasses in Toronto.

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